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Automotive Parts Forging

Murari Engineering Works is the best industry for automotive parts forging Ludhiana. Being a part of the industry since 1959, we are intelligible to automobile functioning.

We manufacture all kinds of automotive parts with our in-house plant facilities. Our research and development department stays updated with the latest technologies in the field of automotive parts forging.

What is Automotive Parts Forging?

Automotive parts forging Ludhiana has been the top choice to manufacture a wide range of parts for vehicles, including cars and trucks. This process involves heating a piece of metal to a high temperature and then shaping it using a hammer or press. Automotive parts forging Ludhiana plays a crucial role in manufacturing durable and sturdy automotive parts to handle the load of heavy machinery.

Different Forged Automobile Parts

Technological Advancements

In recent years, advances in technology have allowed for the development of new forging techniques such as closed-die forging and precision forging.

Closed die forging is a process where two dies to shape the workpiece by exerting pressure. The shape of the dies is similar to the final product shape. It allows for increased precision in the finished product, as well as a reduction in waste material.

Precision forging, on the other hand, uses computer-controlled machines to create parts with high precision and accuracy.

Another famous trend in automotive parts forging Punjab is using lightweight materials such as aluminium and titanium. These materials are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry as they offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, which help to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.